Dive into Down Under Bliss: Crafting an Irresistible Australian Citrus Punch

Embark on a taste journey that captures the vibrant spirit of Australia with an Australian Citrus Punch that's as refreshing as a cool breeze on a sunny arvo. This lively concoction, featuring the distinctive Tiny Bear Australian Summer Gin, is a symphony of citrusy notes, tropical delights, and the laid-back vibes of Down Under. Join us as we unveil the simple steps to transform a casual get-together into a memorable fiesta with friends.


- 4 cups crushed ice

- 4 cups chilled pineapple juice

- 250ml Tiny Bear Australian Summer Gin

- 1/2 cup elderflower cordial

- Juice of 2 limes

- Handful of sliced pineapple

- 1/4 cup fresh mint leaves

- 1.25 litres of chilled soda water



Step 1: Chill Out with Crushed Ice

Begin your citrus adventure by adding 4 cups of crushed ice to your punch bowl. This foundation of frostiness ensures that each sip is a refreshing burst of coolness, setting the stage for an invigorating experience.

Step 2: Pineapple Paradise

Pour in 4 cups of chilled pineapple juice, infusing the punch with the tropical sweetness that makes it distinctly Australian. The pineapple juice becomes the canvas upon which the other flavours will dance, creating a delightful melody for your taste buds.

Step 3: Tiny Bear Takes Center Stage

Introduce 250ml of Tiny Bear Australian Summer Gin, the star of this concoction. With its botanical richness, this gin adds a layer of complexity that elevates the punch, making it a celebration of the Australian summer in every sip.

Step 4: Sweet Elegance with Elderflower

Add a touch of sophistication with 1/2 cup of elderflower cordial. This floral and sweet component not only enhances the overall flavour profile but also introduces an element of elegance to your punch.

Step 5: Citrus Zing

Squeeze the juice of 2 limes into the mix, infusing the punch with a zesty kick. The citrusy notes brighten the flavours, creating a symphony of tastes that dance across your palate.

Step 6: Tropical Symphony

Enhance the visual appeal and tropical essence by adding a handful of sliced pineapple and 1/4 cup of fresh mint leaves. These vibrant additions turn your punch into a captivating oasis of flavours.

Step 7: Effervescent Finale

Top off your creation with 1.25 litres of chilled soda water. This effervescent addition not only adds a refreshing fizz but also ensures that your Australian Citrus Punch is perfectly balanced and ready to be enjoyed.

Step 8: Share the Joy

The best way to enjoy this Australian Citrus Punch is in the company of friends. Gather your favourite people, serve the punch, and revel in the joy of shared moments over a glass of this delightful concoction.

With the Australian Citrus Punch, Tiny Bear Australian Summer Gin invites you to savour the laid-back vibes and sunny spirit of Down Under. Crafted with simplicity and enjoyed in good company, this punch is a celebration of flavours that transports you to the heart of Australia, one refreshing sip at a time. Cheers to crafting unforgettable memories with a punch that embodies the essence of Australian bliss!



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