Sailor Gin
Sailor Gin
Sailor Gin
Sailor Gin
Sailor Gin
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Sailor Gin

58% ALC | 700ML

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The Tiny Bear Sailor gin is our navy strength gin. This punchy gin will delight the senses with a profile featuring citrus and spices.

The higher alcohol content allows for the Sailor Gin to capture a greater, more rounded flavour with the botanicals imparting stronger notes. A bold driven navy, with a powerful punch of juniper, tart notes from full fresh oranges, and spice from cardamom and clove. Best served as a slow sipper with a slice of orange and a clove. The Sailor Gin is also great in cocktails due to its powerful flavour profile.

58% alc.
700ml - 32.1 standard drinks
200ml - 9.2 standard drinks 


  • Oranges infuse a bright citrusy zest.
  • Cardamom adds a touch of warm spice and depth.
  • Cloves infuse a touch of sweet and aromatic flavour.
  • Navy strength allows for a bold, robust flavour profile.


The production process for Tiny Bear gin begins with an unconventional step of using kale, water, sugar, and yeast to create a kale wine. We use kale to provide nutrition to the yeast in the fermentation process. This creates a higher-quality alcohol in the kale wine. Once the kale wine has been produced, the next step is to distil it to create a neutral spirit, which is essentially a vodka base. The neutral spirit, is infused with traditional gin botanicals, with juniper berries being a key component, as well as the botanicals unique to the Sailor Gin blend which are distilled together to create our distinctive gin.


Dry Martini

For a Dry Martini, stir 60ml of Tiny Bear Sailor Gin with 5-10ml of Dry Vermouth in a chilled martini glass. Garnish with an olive or lemon peel depending on your taste.
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