Harvest Gin
Harvest Gin
Harvest Gin
Harvest Gin
Harvest Gin
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Harvest Gin

42% ALC | 700ML

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Formerly, "The Doctor Gin".
New name, same great gin!

The Tiny Bear Harvest Gin is our OG. As our founding product, the Harvest Gin highlights everything that makes Tiny Bear gin special.

The quality raw ingredients mean minimal intervention and rich botanical flavours. This herbaceous gin features strong notes from fresh basil, Vietnamese mint, sage and dill. Floral notes from hibiscus, with woody sweet after tones of cinnamon with a subtle juniper sweetness blending it all together. Best served with a sweet garnish like a slice of apple to bring out the floral notes in a gin and tonic.

42% alc.
700ml - 23.2 standard drink
200ml - 6.6 standard drinks 


  • Dill for a fresh herbal note.
  • Basil to infuse an aromatic twist.
  • Vietnamese Mint provides a lively, minty accent.
  • Sage delivers a savoury and earthy flavour.
  • Cinnamon adds a warm and comforting depth.
  • Floral Hibiscus offers a delicate floral touch.
  • Liquorice Root introduces a subtle sweetness.


The production process for Tiny Bear gin begins with an unconventional step of using kale, water, sugar, and yeast to create a kale wine. We use kale to provide nutrition to the yeast in the fermentation process. This creates a higher-quality alcohol in the kale wine. Once the kale wine has been produced, the next step is to distil it to create a neutral spirit. The neutral spirit, which is similar to vodka at this stage, is infused with traditional gin botanicals, with juniper berries being a key component, as well as the botanicals unique to the Havest Gin blend which are distilled together to create our distinctive gin.


Cucumber Spritz

To create a Cucumber Spritz, combine 30ml of Tiny Bear Harvest Gin, 15ml Simple Syrup, and some cucumber and mint leaves in a glass. Add roughly 60ml of Sparkling Wine and 30-90ml of Soda Water to your taste, and serve.
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