Gingerbear Gin
Gingerbear Gin
Gingerbear Gin
Gingerbear Gin
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Gingerbear Gin

42% ALC | 700ML

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Gingerbread for the grown-ups, this sweet and spicy gin’s ginger hit is complimented by warming cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.

Let's not forget that Juniper goodness hugging all the flavours together. Forget subtle and enjoy this gin with your favourite spicy ginger beer to really let that gingerbread bear shine.

42% alc.
700ml - 23.3 standard drinks


  • Slight spice from the ginger, creating a pleasant heat.
  • Cinnamon provides a well-balanced warmth, complementing the ginger.
  • Undertones of clove that add a comforting depth.
  • Subtle sweetness from nutmeg lingers, offering a delightful conclusion.


The production process for Tiny Bear gin begins with an unconventional step of using kale, water, sugar, and yeast to create a kale wine. We use kale to provide nutrition to the yeast in the fermentation process. This creates a higher-quality alcohol in the kale wine. Once the kale wine has been produced, the next step is to distil it to create a neutral spirit, which is essentially a vodka base. The neutral spirit, is infused with traditional gin botanicals, with juniper berries being a key component, as well as the botanicals unique to the Ginger Bear Gin blend which are distilled together to create our distinctive gin.


Ginger Martini

Pour 60mL of Ginger Bear Gin and 10mL of Dry Vermouth over cubed ice and stir for 20 seconds to achieve the perfect balance. Double strain your elixir into a chilled martini glass and finish with a garnish of thinly sliced ginger or lemon twist.
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