Coffee Liqueur
Coffee Liqueur
Coffee Liqueur
Coffee Liqueur
Coffee Liqueur
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Coffee Liqueur

22% ALC | 700ML

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Formerly Brew Liqueur.
New name, same great liqueur!

Inspired by the diverse coffee culture of Melbourne, our Coffee Liqueur has been made for those that love the rich flavours of espresso. 

We use premium free trade coffee beans, grinding and cold brewing them overnight. The result is a rich and vibrant espresso flavour, which mixed with our signature kale wash creates our signature Tiny Bear Coffee Liqueur. Perfect for a signature homemade espresso martini or add to desserts to enjoy the rich espresso flavour with something sweet.

22% alc.
700ml - 12.2 standard drinks


  • Locally roasted organic fairtrade coffee imparts a rich and robust coffee essence.
  • Sugar adds a touch of sweetness for a balanced profile.
  • Vanilla infuses a smooth and delightful vanilla undertone.
  • In-house base-spirit provides a strong and versatile foundation.


The process for crafting Tiny Bear Coffee Liqueur initiates with the fermentation of a blend comprising kale, water, sugar, and yeast. During this fermentation stage, yeast actively metabolizes the sugars within the mixture, transforming them into a distinct kale wine. Next, the kale wine undergoes a distillation process. This distillation method entails heating the liquid to effectively segregate the alcohol from other components like water and impurities, ultimately yielding a neutral spirit akin to vodka—a high-proof, clear alcoholic base. The next phase involves the preparation of a rich coffee infusion. Ground coffee is meticulously brewed with water and sugar, yielding a robust coffee concentrate. Following the brewing, the coffee grounds are strained, and the resulting coffee infusion is combined with the neutral spirit, culminating in the creation of the coffee liqueur. To refine its character, the liqueur is allowed to rest for a duration of three weeks before it is finally bottled, ensuring that its flavours meld and mature, offering a distinctive and delectable coffee liqueur experience.


Espresso Martini

To make an Espresso Martini, combine 30ml of Tiny Bear Coffee Liqueur, 30ml of Cold Espresso, and 30ml of Tiny Bear Sailor Gin in a shaker with ice. Shake well, then strain into a martini glass.
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