Chai Liqueur
Chai Liqueur
Chai Liqueur
Chai Liqueur
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Chai Liqueur

35% ALC | 500ML

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Rich with warm cardamom spices fronted by a bold cinnamon flavour, this liqueur features gentle tannins from tea and a hint of juniper.

Spice things up with Tiny Bear's signature Chai Liqueur. The best chai doesn’t come from a cafe, it comes from Tiny Bear. This very special liqueur is the perfect winter warmer and makes for an exciting addition to cocktails.

35% alc.
500ml - 13.8 standard drinks


  • Cinnamon adds a prominent warmth and spice.
  • Black tea builds an earthy base.
  • Cardamom contributes a citrus, herbal note.
  • Vanilla creates a creamy sweetness.
  • Cloves bring a deep spice.
  • Honey creates a smooth natural sweetness.


The process of crafting Tiny Bear Chai Spice Liqueur commences with the fermentation of a blend containing kale, water, sugar, and yeast. During fermentation, the yeast actively consumes the sugars within the mixture, transforming them into a distinctive kale wine. This kale wine is then subjected to distillation, a method that involves heating the liquid to effectively separate the alcohol from other components such as water and impurities, ultimately resulting in a neutral spirit akin to vodka—a high-proof, colourless alcoholic base. A captivating infusion is then prepared by combining a carefully curated selection of chai spices with water, sugar and honey for sweetness. The infusion is brewed to extract the warm, aromatic flavours and fragrant spices characteristic of chai. After brewing, the liquid is meticulously strained to remove any solid particles, and it is harmoniously blended with the neutral spirit, giving rise to the creation of the unique liqueur. To achieve a well-rounded and developed flavour profile, the liqueur is allowed to rest for three weeks before it is finally bottled, ensuring a nuanced and delightful liqueur experience characterized by the distinctive essence of chai spices.


Chai Tai

In a cocktail sitting glass, mix 60ml of pineapple juice, 30ml of white or golden rum, 30ml of Chai Liqueur. Next, fill a highball glass with ice cubes and pour 15ml of cranberry juice into the bottom of the glass, being careful not to splash the sides. Holding a cocktail spoon to the side of the glass above the ice, gently pour the pineapple mixture onto spoon, floating it above the cranberry juice. Repeat the floating process with 15ml of dark rum to create the top layer. Garnish your creation with a thin slice of pineapple or a lime wedge.
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