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43% ALC | 700ML

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In true Amaro style, this Italian classic herbal liqueur features strong herbal bitter notes, balanced by a finishing touch of sweetness.

Our Tiny Bear Amaro is perfect for a homemade cocktail or an after dinner digestif. Iconic for its bitter flavour, our signature Amaro blends herbs, spices, roots and a mixture of aromatics to create the signature, bold flavour of Amaro.

25% alc.
500ml - 9.9 standard drinks


  • A harmonious blend of citrus and herbal notes, where zesty lemon peel dances alongside the invigorating aroma of bitter orange.
  • Subtle hints of mint and rosemary add a refreshing botanical layer.
  • Liquorice introduces a sweet, almost molasses-like richness, intertwining with the earthy depth of gentian root.
  • Wattleseed, with its nutty undertones, provides a subtle nuttiness that enhances the overall depth.


We begin by grinding herbs, spices and roots into an evenly cut mixture. The next step is steeping. Steeping is the process of soaking our mixture of herbs, spices and roots in our Tiny Bear pure alcohol. This process takes a number of months, allowing for our mixture to develop a distinct flavour profile. Once fully developed, it is transferred into our whiskey barrels for further aging. Our barrels are embedded with a rich whisky aroma from aging Tiny Bear Whisky, this creates a signature flavour. The Amaro is then decanted and combined with sugar to balance the bitterness. Collectively this process takes several months, yet each step helps to create a bold and herbaceous Armaro.


Amaro spritz

For an Amaro Spritz, combine 60ml of Tiny Bear Amaro, 90ml of sparkling water, and 30ml of Prosecco over ice in a glass. Give it a gentle stir to mix the flavours, and garnish with an orange slice. Alternatively, serve Tiny Bear Amaro as an after-dinner digestif.
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