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Thank you for your support, we hope that you enjoy your TBD experience from the comfort and safety of your own home! 

In your TBD package you should find

  • 2X Strange Love tonics
  • 1 X 50ml Doctor Gin
  • 1 X 50ml Gypsy Gin
  • 1 X 50ml Barrel Aged Gypsy or Barrel Aged Sailor or Other Speciality Gin
  • 1 X 50ml Sailor Gin
  • 1 X 50ml TB Brew liqueur
  • 1 X TB Tasting notes postcard
  • Dehydrated garnishes 

On your TB postcard you will firstly notice the suggested order in which we recommend you move through and enjoy our five craft beverages, a brief description of each and of course, garnish suggestions to further complement and experiment with.

Below you will find a few videos, the first will walk you through your TBD virtual 'Cellar door' experience and the following, Cocktail suggestions.


Cucumber Spirtz

The Doctor Gin (30ml), Sparkling Wine (roughly 60ml), Simple Syrup (15ml), Soda Water (30-90ml), Cucumber, Mint leaves


Gypsy Gin (30ml), Sweet Vermouth (30ml), Campari or an Orange Aperitif (30ml)

Negroni Noir - Add Brew (30ml)

Espresso Martini

Brew (30ml), Cold Espresso (30ml), Sailor Gin (30ml)

Gypsy Gin Sour

Barrel Aged Gypsy/Gypsy Gin (60ml), 1 Egg White, Bitters (2-3 drops), Lemon Juice (30ml), Simple Syrup (15ml)

Gin Old Fashioned

Barrel Aged Sailor/Barrel Aged Gypsy (60ml), Sugar (half teaspoon), Bitters (2-4 drops), Orange Twist

Dry Martini

Citrus, Sailor Gin (60ml), Dry Vermouth (5-10ml for a Dry Martini, add more for a Wet Martini)

An Aviation

Doctor (50ml), Creme De Violet (5-10ml), Maraschino Liqueur (15-30ml), Simple Syrup (5-15ml), Lemon Juice (15-30ml), Cherry

Once again, thank you for your support, we hope you have enjoyed your virtual TBD experience. 

As we are a small business, encouraging feedback is always welcomed on Google and Facebook. 

If you have any concerns or technical issues accessing this content, please get in contact with us.



Howdy guys. If you are reading this, you are lucky enough to be about to try some of the things in our "Pipeline". As a small hospitality based business, we make the majority of our living by having people in, to enjoy a gin and escape the world for just a little while. We want to say a massive thanks for the support, it means that we continue to get to do what we love.

   - Damien, Co-Founder

What's in your pack?

- 5 Different "Pipeline" gins, only one of which is a current release! 
- 2 x Strangelove Tonics
- Dehydrated Garnishes Pack
- Access to our Virtual Cellar Door video
- Access to our Tasting Notes video

The Gins



The only gin we have actually released already. It was made specifically for all our Mums! Its our Mumma Bear Gin which was released on Mothers Day 2021. We actually kept a super small amount aside, as it was so good we didn't want to release it all. What you have is that reserve. 

Tasting notes

Mumma Bear is a wonderfully dry gin with light floral notes from lavender supported by a savoury backbone from desert oak wattle seed. A great all rounder gin to go with infusions, tonics or classic dry martinis. Enjoyable for Non-Mumma's too!



This gin is something that we are still working on, what you are currently tasting is actually our third recipe variation. We'll release it one day, we're just not sure when. Our aim here is to create a smashable, everyday day, summer citrus gin. 

Tasting notes

Packed full of Juniper, Lemon Myrtle and Ruby Grapefruit, you'll find notes of ripe banana and lemonade followed by a creamy mouth feel. 

Pair with light tonic and garnish with ruby grapefruit 




We have always been fascinated with working with different ingredients, and trying to extract certain flavours. The main ingredient besides Juniper is Stinging Nettle. This gin is simply fun to make, besides the sore hands after picking the leaves of the stinging nettle! 

Tasting notes

A lightly herbal gin supported by notes of natural medicinal horseradish and pepper. Finishes off with a smooth, cooling spice. 

For a more citrussy experience pair with light tonic and garnish with lemon.
To bring out notes of red fruits and raspberries pair with No. 8 tonic and garnish with juniper berries




We really love oranges. So much so, we built this gorgeous gin around it. It is actually built specifically for a party which we will be hosting soon. We can't really tell you much more about this 'Party', just yet. But we can show you this gin, which is basically a party in your mouth. 

Tasting notes

A delightfully bright gin with tons of upfront orange flavour supported by light notes of Aniseed Myrtle and Cardamom 

Pair with either light tonic or No. 8 tonic and garnish with orange 



This gin, will be released. Just not like this! What you have is the base gin, for our upcoming 2022 Easter release. We have taken this gin, and put it into a an ex-New York Bourbon cask. It will age in this cask for 7-12 months to extract the extra sugars, tannin's and goodness left over in the caramelized wood. However, what you have is unaged, its raw. 

Tasting notes

Upfront notes of raisins on the nose followed by warm spices and cinnamon. Punchy and fun in its unaged form. 

Pair with No. 8 Tonic and experiment with the different garnishes for a bit of fun! 



Haven't tried our core range yet? You may be interested in the original! 

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