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Gin Trio Gin Gift Pack
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#TBGinTrio 3 X 200ml Gin

The Doctor 42% alc - 6.6 standard drinks

The Gypsy 43% alc - 6.8 standard drinks

The Sailor 58% all - 9.2 standard drinks

The Doctor A herbaceous gin, with strong notes from fresh Basil, Vietnamese mint, Sage and Dill. Floral notes from Hibiscus, with woody sweet after tones from cinnamon. A subtle juniper sweetness blends it all together. Best served with a sweet garnish like apple, to bring out the floral notes in a Gin and Tonic. Recommendations: Add tonic with Apple = floral notes Citrus = Refreshing G&T

The Gypsy A spice driven gin, with a pungent juniper base. Flavored by four different peppers, as well as cardamom, clove and cumin. Fresh citrus notes added from lemon and lime, with a crisp finish from the added cucumber. A bold gin, which makes a great "Red Snapper", or a "Dirty Martini". Serve with any of Lemon, Lime, Cucumber, Capsicum, Fresh Ginger, Orange, Mandarin in a Gin and Tonic Recommendations: Add tonic with cucumber = cool the spice orange = almond sweetness clove or Capsicum or Ginger = warm spice  Mix with Ginger beer  

The Sailor A bold driven Navy, with a powerful punch of Juniper, tart notes from full fresh oranges and spice from cardamom and clove. Best served as a slow sipper with a slice of orange and a clove. Is great in cocktails due to it powerful flavor profile.   Recommendations: be brave = neat / on rocks Add tonic with Orange & clove = extra warmth Slice of ginger = extra kick

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