Hospo is struggling... so let's Support Your Local!

Hey Gin Friends! 

Times are tough in hospitality. You know the sob story but it’s real. We had wave after wave of lockdown followed by unprecedented staff shortages due not only to covid, but colds, flu and mental health issues to name a few. Now it seems people aren’t as likely to head out to their local and grab a pint, and who could blame them when a head of lettuce costs $12 and its $978934.27 to fill the tank in your car?

So we figured we’d do a little something to help hospo out. Buy one bottle of gin and we’ll give one to your local for free! So essentially that bottle of gin that you buy for yourself can also go on the back bar at your local. Buy one bottle of gin and we’ll give one to your local for free! The only catch? We just ask that the venue pays the $10 shipping. We’d love to do that part for free, but we aren’t made of money either. OR! You could shout them the shipping yourself.

Support Your Local Campaign

How does it work?

Jump onto our webstore and select the “Support Your Local” option that appears on any of our 700mL bottles. We’ll then send you an email requesting the name of your favourite local bar/restaurant/pub/watering hole so we can reach out to them to arrange shipping. Or, if you’re feeling like a superstar you could shout the $10 shipping for them.

We really appreciate the support, and we think your local will too!

From Damo, Sal and the Tiny Bear Team

Update as of 22/06/22 - Thank you so much for the incredible support in this campaign! We're proud to say we were able to get a bunch of bottles in some of your favourite back bars. 

Cheers Support Your Local
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