A Refreshing Twist: Crafting the Perfect Cucumber Spritz with Tiny Bear Harvest Gin

Step into the world of crisp and invigorating cocktails with a Cucumber Spritz that promises to tantalise your taste buds. This delightful concoction features the vibrant notes of Tiny Bear Harvest Gin, paired with the freshness of cucumber, mint, and the effervescence of sparkling wine and soda water. Join us as we embark on a journey to create a drink that embodies the essence of summer in a glass.



- 30ml Tiny Bear Harvest Gin

- 15ml Simple Syrup

- Fresh cucumber slices

- Fresh mint leaves

- 60ml Sparkling Wine

- 30-90ml Soda Water (to taste)

- Ice


Step 1: Assemble Your Ingredients

Before diving into the world of mixology, gather all the essential components for your Cucumber Spritz. With Tiny Bear Harvest Gin taking centre stage, you're in for a treat with its botanical richness.

Step 2: Prepare Your Glass

Take a moment to select a glass that will showcase the vibrant colours and layers of your Cucumber Spritz. Fill the glass with ice to ensure your cocktail stays refreshingly cold from the first sip to the last.

Step 3: The Foundation of Flavour

Measure out 30 ml of Tiny Bear Harvest Gin and pour it into the prepared glass. This artisanal gin, with its nuanced botanicals, forms the heart of your Cucumber Spritz, providing a depth of flavour that sets it apart.

Step 4: Sweet Symphony of Simple Syrup

Add 15 ml of simple syrup to the mix. This sweet component balances the herbal notes of the gin, ensuring a harmonious blend that dances on your palate.

Step 5: Freshness Unleashed

Introduce slices of fresh cucumber and a handful of mint leaves into the glass. Muddle these ingredients gently to release their essence, infusing your cocktail with a burst of cool, herbal goodness.

Step 6: Effervescence Elegance

Now, it's time to introduce the effervescence that makes a spritz truly sparkle. Pour in roughly 60 ml of sparkling wine, adding a layer of sophistication and a touch of celebration to your creation.

Step 7: Fizz to Perfection

Tailor the level of effervescence to your liking by adding 30-90 ml of soda water. This step allows you to personalize your Cucumber Spritz, creating a beverage that suits your taste preferences.

Step 8: Stir and Sip

Gently stir the ingredients in your glass, ensuring that every element is well incorporated. Take a moment to appreciate the medley of flavours and aromas that come together to form this exquisite cocktail.

With Tiny Bear Harvest Gin as your guide, the Cucumber Spritz becomes a symphony of flavours that captures the essence of a breezy summer day. Whether you're lounging by the pool or hosting a soirée with friends, this cocktail is a refreshing companion that elevates any occasion. Craft your own Cucumber Spritz, and let the crisp, botanical notes transport you to a world of relaxed sophistication. Cheers to the art of mixing and sipping in style!


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