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The Experimental Series - EXP 7 SOLD OUT NOW

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The one thing I miss from being a Science teacher is the enjoyment of creativity on a daily basis... Ohhh wait. I can still do that! Pretty much daily, we have ideas of new products, new drinks and new experiments. 95% of the time these ideas either fail to eventuate or down right don't work.  Some however are pretty cool. And we like to share those ones.  

Experimental Batch 1 - Broken Hibernation - 39 x 200mL Bottles, 46.7% Alc/Vol (SOLD OUT) Sometime in August of 2018, we got pretty obsessed with malt whiskey recipes and ran like 7 or 8 different versions to find the base recipe which would become the Tiny Bear Single Malt Whiskey.  In doing so we created some pretty cool "New Make" spirit (what you call unaged whiskey). Some of this New Make found its way into in a 20L ex Shiraz Wine Barrel in late September 2018 and until this day most of it sits there.  Thing is... we keep tasting it, and its really progressing! We also keep getting asked what it tastes like. So against all wisdom, we took out a small amount, diluted down and bottled it. WE WOKE THE BEAR EARLY. So whats it taste like? Its not a an 18 year old Single Malt. Its not even a Single Malt. Its a 6 month old, but in saying that, this Bear Cub gives us an idea of what the Single Malt will be, and its exciting. Its still got plenty of flavor, but its still got subtle elements of harshness which will only get better in the next 18 Months and develop some real character. It will be real interesting to taste this alongside the Single Malt release from the same barrel in 18-24 months from now. Very limited release. 200ml bottles only. If you want you can also pre-purchase the Single Malt that will come from this barrel with this Broken Hibernation (10 Only).   

Experimental Batch 2 - Top Secret Lets just say we are still working on this one. Its on the back burner for a little while. No release date in sight.   

Experimental Batch 3 - The Pink Doctor (RELEASED 1st MARCH 2019, SOLD OUT) There is this really cool Pizza joint/Bar that stocks our gin (and we love those guys). They really wanted some pink gin, so 1kg of Cherries and 1kg of Raspberry's was placed in about 15 Litres of TB's Doctor Gin in early December 2018. Christmas period hit, and it was forgotten about for a while. Come February, the gin was tasted. It had picked up epic amounts of flavour. Cherry was dominant, however raspberry was all over the palate with subtle sweetness. 17 bottles in total were produced. ALL GONE  

Experimental Batch 4 - Dave's Gin (Released 1st JUNE  2019, SOLD OUT). 81 Bottles Total, 30 x 200ml (7.0 Standard drinks) and 51 x 700ml (24.3 Standard drinks). 44.1% Alcohol Content Who is Dave? David is TB's neighbor. He is also a massive gin fan. He runs an engineering joint pretty dam close to TB. So quite often he smells what we are cooking and can't help but come in and enjoy some gin and talk shop. Dave has a kumquat tree with some super powerful sour kumquats. One day he dropped off a bag of some kumquats, and two days later these kumquats where used as the star of a gin. We really enjoyed this gin, so a bigger bag of kumquats was dropped off and more gin was made.  The result, Dave's Gin. A dry gin created from 5 ingredients. A simply delectable gin that will not last long. Strong notes of Juniper, tart and sour kumquat notes with a bubblegum like finish.  

Experimental Batch 5 - Fennel to be FAILED :(  (not to be released currently) This one hurts a bit. Its not often, we (Damo and Mands) get the opportunity to be creative together. Mands with a rare day off school and Damo the time to tinker. We had this great idea (or so we thought). We love fennel, apple and cucumber together, so lets make it a gin!  Turns out, we just couldn't get this to a point in which we were both happy. We created some pretty good gin, using various ingredients from fennel, fennel seeds, apples (various), cucumber, lemon, ginger, star anise, almonds and obviously juniper to name a few. However, it wasn't a great gin, so for now, it will remain unreleased.  

Experimental Batch 6 - Summer Nostalgia Vodka (SOLD OUT). 8 Bottles total.  This one is a bit of a funny one. Big plans to make some gin one Summers day. Turns out the power had other ideas. Sitting around waiting for the power to come back on, we got to brainstorming. Then bang, its back on, problem is, its 3pm now. Not long enough to do a meaningful gin run, but lets make some vodka we just brain stormed about. Native Lemon Myrtle + Ruby Grapefruit = Lemonade Icy-pole Flavor. Just some in house fun.  

Experimental batch 7 - Bear + Wills (Released 6/3/2020). 72 Bottles total (60 x 700ml + 12 x 200mL) 43% ABV, 6.8 (200mL) and 23.8 (700mL) Standard drinks. SOLD OUT IN 25 DAYS- Come with us as we explore (see what we did there) some of Australia's gorgeous botanical's. This limited experimental run is packed full of the usual Juniper goodness as well as Australian goodies such Tasmanian Pepper-berry, Native Lemon Myrtle, Wattle-seed and Australian grown citrus. This gin jams pack some Australian Goodness into a bottle in drinkable form.       

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