We are looking at expanding our team at Tiny Bear Distillery!


What we are offering:

- 0-15 Casual award rate hours per week (Food, Beverage and Tobacco Manufacturing Award 2010)

- A chance to work in a fast paced environment

- A chance to develop your skills, undergoing tasks from fermentation and distillation of spirits, serving customers, general cleaning, bottling and labeling

- Potential to grow with the brand (casual work at the moment, however as we grow you can grow with us)


You are:

- Flexible and a quick learner

- Pay attention to detail

- Have a passion for Gin, Whiskey and all things Spirits

- RSA Qualified


Experience in the industry is looked upon positively, however, all things can be taught.


Interested? Email your CV and a Cover letter to tbdistillery@tinybear.com.au