The Sailor

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Have you ever wondered what Navy strength actually means? And what's it got to do with Gin?
Sit down and pour yourself a glass my friend and wonder no longer.
We enter the Royal British Navy, an organisation that liked their gin very boozy indeed. They found that if you mix a 'Navy' strength gin, around 57-58% with gunpowder [as you do when you're stuck on a boat for months on end with very little entertainment] - it still ignites if it has enough alcohol in it. "Proof" it's good, really.
Bit of food for thought while you enjoy this slow sipper.  
#TheSailor - 58% alc

700ml - 32.1 standard drinks

200ml - 9.2 standard drinks


The Sailor

Easy and simple slow sipper, juniper base, orange, clove and spiced cardamom.
TB Recommendations:
Be brave = neat / on rocks
Add tonic with
Orange & clove = extra warmth
Slice of ginger = extra kick