NEWSLETTER 21/8/2018



Wow…. What a crazy two months we have had since we opened the doors. We’ve cried, laughed, drunk (our own stock), celebrated, cried some more, ran out of stock, pulled all-nighters and sat quietly in moments of reflection. Opening the doors was a massive achievement for us, yet is just the beginning of where we plan to take Tiny Bear.



Sadly there has been no opportunity for us to hibernate here at Tiny Bear, we’ve been so busy with the following:

-          Trialling various new botanicals

-          Reducing our carbon footprint

-          Overhauling the packaging and presentation of our products

-          Improving the ‘in house’ experience

-          Spreading the name of ‘Tiny Bear’ to the masses through bars, restaurants and the internet

-          And so much more


It’s been CRAZY, and we don’t see that slowing down any time soon


We’ve spent several weeks straight, making enough Gypsy Gin to fill an 200L ex-bourbon barrel. It has been hibernating for two weeks, and its already taken on so much flavour. We are super excited about it.

We are also working on getting a 2nd 200L ex-bourbon filled with Sailor Gin. PRE-ORDER HERE




The gift boxes are in, and we think they look awesome. Well worth the 15 week wait since we started the process with them. ORDER HERE in time for Fathers day


We have been working hard getting TB out there to make it easier for you to find it and drink it. You can now find us in over 16 venues and that list continues to grow. The only thing that has been slowing that down is running out or low on stock….. a good problem for us to have! We have also been amazed at how some TB drinkers have gone out of their way to help us, by speaking to bar managers for us and even teeing up times for us to meet. We love you guys and it makes us super proud.



There is a lot of plans in the works for TB. We have teed up tastings at boutique bottle shops, doing gin events at bars as well as we may start appearing at various day/night markets. So keep a look out.

We will also be partnering with Brixton Bar Co, and their mobile Bar on wheels. So keep an eye out.  



GIN101 has been a roaring success. The smiles, laughter, banter, learning and good times speak for themselves. Bookings can be made via this link. We would love to have you in to witness the Tiny Bear experience.



Some things to keep your eye out for.

  • New Still. This is HUGE. Hopefully it will be in before Christmas
  • New office space. Currently as I write this, Jaryd (my brother) is building us a creative new space.
  • New products (can be pre-ordered online)
  • Events



Probably the most important part of this Newsletter. We want to say a massive thanks to all the support we have received on this journey. So many people have kept us going when it has been tough. Whether it be a positive facebook/instagram post or a random google review. Or just dropping in to have a chat, or seeing the smile when someone drinks something they like. It all makes a difference.

The Bear Den Members. You have no idea how you have kept us a float. Small in numbers, but the funds have been used with an eye on the future. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


We hope to see you soon.

Damo, Manda and Mav