GIN 101



Want to learn more about Gin?

Well here at TB, we offer you the opportunity to get involved in the process of making one of our Gins! 

During this session we will delve into the unique flavours and sensations of our Gins botanicals.
You will be involved in every step of production; working through fermentation, distillation, vapour infusing, finishing with bottling and labelling.
GIN101 includes a Gin library experience, TB tasting paddle and a take home Bottle of Gin created on the day. 
GIN101 is currently running on the first Saturday of every Month, 10-12/12:30pm
These sessions are capped at 6 participants.
$140 per person 
During this two hour session you will be involved in the following:
  • Fermentation
  • Distillation 
  • Exploring the flavours of gin (please eat prior to the session)
  • Botanical preparation
  • Botanical Vapour infusion
  • Bottling your Gin
  • A TB tasting paddle 
  • An epic cheese board to share


Interested? Sign up. Places are very limited.